Who to Apply the Zircotitan Implants ?

One in five people in our community brush their teeth less than 2 times a day.  Unhealthy teeth can cause many different diseases.  Surprisingly, some Alzheimer's patients have some kind of bacteria in their brains that causes gum ilthabina.  Oral health negligence can also cause bacteria entering the bloodstream to easily settle in the heart.  Routine dental checks to prevent the occurrence of gum disease, reduces the risk of many diseases.  So what other problems in our mouths neglect our dental health and what are their treatments?

When to Implant Treatment for Missing Teeth ?

If there are dental deficiencies in our mouth caused by various reasons, these losses should be treated within a maximum of six months.  If you have had a tooth that cannot be recovered, you can have an implant treatment within the same day or wait for about two months for bone healing.  The missing tooth area, which is not renewed for a long time, melts and shrinks and becomes dysfunctional.  When bone shrinkage and dissolution begins, bone augmentation should be performed with additional techniques in order to make an implant to that area.  So what can be done if the bone in the missing tooth area is too thin to be completed with additional procedures?

What is the Effective Treatment for the Thinnest Bones?

Zirkotitan Implant can be used to treat even the thinnest bones without adding bone.  Zirconite implants consist of a combination of zirconium and titanium.  In this way, they are more resistant to the pressure on them than 100% titanium implants, they do not easily wear and break.

What are the Advantages of Zirkotitan Implants?

Zircotitan Implants;  For patients with diabetes, smokers, those who have previously implanted and lost their implant for various reasons, and those with bone resorption, it can be applied to the finest bones, without the need for additional techniques and bone dust.

What is the difference of smarthidrophilic implants from normal implants?

This type of implant is the smartest solution with the fastest results in diabetic patients, cancer patients and smokers.  Smarthidrophilic implants collect the healing cells in the blood after they are placed in the bone thanks to the special solution in which they are stored.  In this way, Smarthidrophilic Implants provide both faster healing than normal and a stronger and stronger bone formation around them.  In this way, you can have implants that you can use for life by making fixed teeth on them.

Who is the fourth grade 100% titanium implants?

It can be easily used for healthy individuals who do not have enough bone resorption requiring additional techniques.  The healing process in normal individuals is between 3 and 6 months. In this treatment, temporary teeth and implants are expected to boil to the bone during the waiting period.  When the implants are fully welded to the bone, the bone-to-bone stage begins.  According to the preference of the person at this stage;  It is made of metal backed porcelain or zirconium teeth.  The teeth are applied to the implant in two ways, the first one is cementation, the second is by bonding and the second is by screw fixing.

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