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High-standard dental treatment services are quite costly in many countries of Europe. As Dentaltermin, we make sure you access dental treatment service with affordable prices without compromising on treatment standards. Our modern clinic in Istanbul and expert staff are waiting for you for a treatment journey you'll be satisfied of.

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Tooth-loss, beyond making the eating a troublesome thing, may also cause other digestive system problems and you to feel bad when you look at yourself in the mirror. To prevent the functional and aesthetical problems you face because of tooth-loss, we offer world-standard implant treatment programs prepared according to your condition of health, mouth structure and personal requests.

All on four treatment is a permanent and highly successful treatment applied to patients who have lost or have the risk of losing all their teeth. In the beginning, 4 or 6 implants are placed into the patient's jaw and after a waiting period of 3 -4 months fixed tooth prosthesis are applied on these implants. This way, the patient gets his/her natural smile back.

In all on six treatment which ensures the patients who have lost or have the risk of losing all their teeth get back a natural smile again, six implants are placed into the patient's jaw. After these implants are bonded into the jaw, fixed tooth prosthesis are applied on these implants.

Box technique is a treatment technique that solves the problem of patients who cannot have implant treatment because of excessive jawbone thinning. Jawbone is restored with natural materials and following a 4 to 6 months of period, implant treatment can begin.

Bon’lamina technique is a modern treatment technique that ensures bone regeneration in patients with jawbone thinning within a period of 2 -3 months. Treatment is completed without the need to extract bone tissue from various areas of the patient's body.

Smile Aesthetics

A healthy smile is the key to an effective communication you establish with the outer world. With our smile aesthetics solutions tailored special for you according to your mouth structure and personal requests, under the control of an expert dentists using modern medical techniques, we ensure you smile safely to the life.

Applied specific to the person, zirconium treatment is one of the most effective treatment methods to regain the natural whiteness to the tooth. Patient's teeth are measured and caps are produced in the laboratory environment according to these measurements. Thanks to the zirconium's ability to be accepted easily by the body and its' high light transmittance, a problem-free usage and a natural look are achieved 

Being one of the most effective methods to improve the color of the tooth, laminates are quite thin and tooth-colored materials. For the application, leaf-thin refinings are made and porcelain layers are placed on the tooth surface 

Being one of the quite often used treatment methods, metal support porcelain treatment is made using metal alloys that don't cause any allergic reactions. Porcelain caps prepared specific to patient's mouth structure, are produced in laboratory environment and applied by an expert dentist. 

In hybrid porcelain treatment that ensures the patients who have lost or have the risk of losing their teeth completely to get back a natural look again, 4 or 6 implants are placed in the patient's mouth. Following these implants being settled in patient's mouth within about 6 months, porcelain application is made. 

E-max is a fully-ceramic type of crown using lithium disilicate material and it ensures a near-perfect match to the tooth color with its' high transparency. This way, a highly natural smile is achieved. E-max crowns are produced computer assisted after digitally scanning the patient's jaw. This way, these crowns fits perfectly to the patient's mouth.

In the bonding technique which's applied in the patients who have gaps, cracks, formal and positional imperfections in their teeth which affect the look, a durable resin in tooth-color is hardened and stuck to the tooth. This way, the tooth structure is reinforced and the look of the tooth is improved.

Tooth whitening is the process of bleaching the tooth color tone with various chemical substances. It's separated into two as home and office types. With office type application, it's possible to get faster results. The application is made under the control of a dentist so a natural and reliable result is achieved.

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I went for my implant treatment 5 months ago. Friendly doctors, quality materials, pleasant treatment, works of art are amazing. Thank you Dental termin family...


Doctors and assistants are very friendly. It is the right address for those who are anxious to go to the dentist, because you feel relieved with the works of art inside. We felt very comfortable with the attention and thye respect . We thank you…


When my treatment was over, I was able to smile freely. A neat, clean place, everything is systematic. It is a wonderful facility with art, aesthetics and sports. Thanks to the whole team...

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