Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust on the health services offered in Turkey?
Absolutely, yes! thanks to the leaps made in the medical area in recent years, Turkey has got one of the best health systems in its' region. Turkish doctors begin serving after a solid educational period. And the infrastructure in health institutions are at world-standards.

It's possible to have treatments in Turkey through other companies as well. Why should I prefer Dentaltermin?
As Dentaltermin, we have made sure that thousands of patients from nearly all the countries of Europe and Middle East get their health back since 2004. We would be very glad to offer this fund of experience we have, to you as well.

On the other hand, we must point out that not every institution sending patients to Turkey is offering service at the same reliable standards. You can feel rest assured heading on the the health journey with Dentaltermin without putting your health and money at risk.

Why are your prices so affordable?
Costs in Turkey is lower than the ones in Europe nearly in every area so we are able to offer more suitable prices to your guests. This way, it becomes possible for us to bring European-standard health services with much more affordable costs.

I'll come to Turkey but I don't know any Turkish. Will this be a problem?
No. Our Turkish, English, German, French and Arabian speaking staff in our Istanbul clinic will lend assistance to you. And let us remark that there are also many people in Turkey who speak these languages outside the clinic.

Is it possible to get a price before the treatment?
At the end of the interview you make with our patient consultant, we'll be sharing with you the treatment cost as well as the treatment plan prepared for you.

Is it in question that there may arise extra costs during treatment?
We care to make an accurate treatment plan as much as possible before the treatment. But unfortunately, it's not possible for a doctor to issue a 0 accurate treatment plan without seeing the patient. So, we can say that it's possible that there may arise extra costs during treatment depending on your condition of health.

But you don't need to worry. As Dental termin we have a transparent price policy. We explain all possible medical interventions to be made in detail to you and never proceed without your approval.

Do you lend assistance to me in making my travel arrangements?
Yes. Upon your request, your private patient consultant will arrange your flight ticket, hotel booking and inner-city transfer for you with favorable prices.

Is it possible you buy the flight ticket for me?
Yes. When you request, we can arrange your flight for you with favorable prices.

Where can I accommodate when I come to Istanbul? Is it possible you find a hotel for me?
It's very important for us you make yourself comfortable when you come to Istanbul. for this reason, upon your request, we can make your booking in our contracted hotels where you can accommodate with favorable prices.

How will I go from the airport to my hotel?
360° Transfer service, it's possible to go from the airport to your hotel with more suitable costs than transport by taxi, with the comfort of our VIP vehicles. You can also use our 360° Transfer service for the inner-city transport in Istanbul. All you need to do is to say to your patient consultant that you want the transfer service.

I'll be coming to Istanbul alone. There will be no one with me throughout the treatment process. Will it be a problem?
You're never alone in Dentaltermin! Your private patient consultant will be with you throughout your whole treatment process.

While I came up to Istanbul, I don't want to go back without seeing the city. Can you help me in touring Istanbul?
You're right, it would be a big loss to return back your home without seeing this beautiful city while you came up to Istanbul. Don't worry. We will make things easier for you.

360° Transfer service, you can visit the places worth seeing in Istanbul in the comfort of our VIP vehicles, with more suitable costs than transport by taxi.

I want to have a vacation for some time after my treatment in Istanbul. Can you help me?
Turkey is a country where millions of tourists are visiting every year. You can enjoy the sea, sun and the history in Turkey.

We would be glad to make your vacation organization in Turkey. Upon your request, your patient consultant will arrange your flight tickets and hotel accommodations.

Do you give treatment guarantee?
Yes. You will receive a written treatment warranty after your treatment.

What will happen in case of a problem occurring after the treatment?
Dentaltermin’de sahip olduğumuz yüksek hizmet standartları sayesinde tedavi sonrasında sorun çıkma ihtimali oldukça düşüktür. Ancak böyle bir durum yaşandığında kliniğimize gelmeniz durumunda yaşadığınız problem en kısa sürede çözüme kavuşturulacaktır.


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