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In Dentaltermin, our focus is you! We laid out all our processes for you, our valuable guests to access the best health services the easiest way possible. You will never be alone in the health journey you'll be heading on with us…

Your Health Journey with Dentaltermin

Contact Us

You decided to take the first step to be healthier. Wonderful! Contacts us via the easiest communication mean for you. Contact us however you wish, by phone, via WhatsApp or by filling up the form in our website. The choice is yours!

Your Patient Consultant Reaches You

After you get in contact with us, your private patient consultant will reach you. In guide of the information you gave use, the treatment plan prepared by our expert medical staff will be shared with you.


After your treatment plan and your travel dates become clear, your patient consultant will arrange your travel organization. Your flight ticket and the hotel you'll be staying will be arranged with favorable prices.

Welcome to Istanbul!

When you arrived Istanbul our transfer vehicle will be waiting you by the airport exit. Our VIP transfer vehicle will leave you to the hotel you'll be staying during your visit in Istanbul.

Treatment Begins!

When you arrived our clinic in Istanbul, your patient consultant will welcome you and accompany you throughout the whole time you stay in our clinic. During the treatment, our expert medical staff will inform your about all the phases of treatment in detail.

A Little Bit Vacation

While you came up here, it would be a shame not to discover one of the most special cities of the world, Istanbul. Upon your request, you can visit the important places worth seeing in Istanbul with our VIP vehicle.

A Little Bit More Vacation!

How about turning this journey to a vacation after your treatment? Following your treatment in Istanbul, you can choose one of the vacation areas just a few hours of flight distance away from Istanbul and enjoy the sea, sun and the history. All you need to do is to ask your patient consultant to make the required arrangements for you.

Back to Home

It's now time to return back home. You return back to your home with your return flight we arranged for you with favorable prices. If you'll have any questions about your treatment, do not hesitate to contact your patient consultant. All your questions will be swiftly answered.


You can contact us by filling up the contact form. You can also contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail or by phone if you wish.

You can share your photos of area of application and medical imagings and ensure our patient consultants offer the solutions for you faster.