How Should the Implant Treatment be?

Implant is the placement of screw-shaped artificial tooth root into the jaw for the missing teeth. With implant treatment, missing teeth are completed, if there's no tooth at all, you will get strong and durable teeth with this process. Implant screw is made of titanium to be able to easily adjust to the jaw. Because jaw sees titanium as part of a body hence it very easily adapts to the jaw. Besides, it's a great advantage not showing any allergic reactions. Implant process takes nearly about 15-20 minutes but making multiple implants causes this time to extend.

Implant Treatment Methods

Implant treatment is a process which can be made to everyone provided they've turned 18. Implant treatment process does not do any harm to other teeth. Implant treatment saves individuals with no tooth from the problems of prosthesis. In addition, it ensures you have more aesthetical and durable teeth than prosthesis teeth. In general, it significantly reduces the jawbone thinning diseases seen at later ages. The implant treatment tooth has a stronger and aesthetical look compared to other processes. This way, it also makes it easy for your feeding. Implant treatment positively affects your quality of life. You can have healthy teeth and beautiful smiles with implant process. Missing teeth negatively affect our life in every sense. They may look very unaesthetic in view. And this causes many problems and lack of self-confidence in your normal living. It's everyone's right to have healthy and beautiful smiles.

How Implant Treatment is Made?

It begins first with giving local anesthesia to the area where implant is made. Afterwards, the implant which is made according to the jaw and teeth measurements taken before handedly, are replaced by lifting up the gingiva. then it's covered with gingiva and waited for recovery. This period of bonding is 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 3-4 months for the upper jaw.

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