How Porcelain Tooth is Made?

Porcelain tooth is a treatment method where porcelain caps are placed on the top part of the tooth to eliminate the unaesthetic look in teeth and make the individual's smile more beautiful. With porcelain tooth, the individual may get rid of the outer look which he/she is uncomfortable with. It's designed tailored for the individual and provides a natural look. Cap is made according to the patient's natural tooth color.

How porcelain tooth is made?

To make porcelain tooth, first all the teeth of the patient need to be cleaned. Dentist erases off the thin plaque layer from the tooth to be treated. The amount of this erased off thin layer can vary as 0.5 or 0.7 mm. as a matter of fact this process is painless so there may be no need for sedation. Afterwards, dentist may take a mold of your teeth to obtain porcelain tooth or make this process by taking an image of your teeth with three-dimensional method called CERES. These tooth measurements taken are sent to a laboratory in order to make porcelain caps fitting the teeth. In almost a two-week period, these produced teeth are delivered. During this waiting period, dentist may give a short-dated porcelain cap to avoid damage to the teeth because of the thin layer taken by the dentist from the teeth. then these delivered porcelain teeth are stuck one by one with dental cap bonders. the advantage of the porcelain tooth is that it's possible to rasp and give shape when required. This is how porcelain cap tooth is made.

What's the difference of porcelain tooth?

There will be no significant differences between porcelain tooth and normal tooth. Because this process made will not disorders the look of your teeth. You will have healthy and normal teeth. But there will be some issues to be careful for after the porcelain application made These are the suitable way of caring your teeth after the porcelain tooth is made. Tooth brushing should be made regularly like you do in normal times and you even need to use dental floss when required. Very cold and very hot foods should be avoided and foods hard to chew should not be preferred.

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