What is Metal Fused Porcelain?

Dentures shaped palates that can be inserted and removed are divided into two parts as full and half. Half dentures are made up of connective elements that are fixed to the teeth, based on the prosthetic base. Full dentures are applied to mouth that are not teeth in it, and they are positioned in the mouth only by taking support from cheek muscles, tongue, chewing muscles and palate. In both cases, the important thing is preparing the prosthesis that fits perfectly in the jaw.


How is Metal Fused Porcelain applied?

Half-dentures that are applied to the patients whom teeth are mostly extracted are the prostheses which are supported by other teeth in the mouth and sensitive anchors known as hooks or studs outside of the chewing muscles, tongue, cheek muscles, and palate.

In some cases the jaw bone loses too much, and it is not possible to apply the required number of implants. In such cases, fixed teeth may not be possible with the patient's existing implants.

Metal Fused Porcelain Treatment allows the patient's palate prosthesis, which should be used more firmly and durable in the mouth, and also it allows that the patient can continue his daily life without fear of going out and eat comfortably and accidentally. With this treatment, it is possible to apply palate shaped prostheses with fewer implants placed in the jawbone.

After the treatment, patients can use the palate prosthesis in the comfort of using a fixed porcelain tooth. This type of implant supported prostheses, prosthesis does not move in the mouth, does not fall and does not require the use of glue.

Because the number of dental surgeons and dental specialists is low in European Union countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and because every physician cannot perform these special treatments, dentists have to call a part-time physician to perform these treatment or they cannot do these treatments. As such, treatment prices in these countries are quite high.

These treatments applied by the specialists in our clinic are both quality and economic for our patients. Click here for detailed information.
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