What is Dental Correction Treatment without Braces?


Orthodontics which means the correction of teeth in Latin is one of the specialties of dentistry. With Transparent Plate Treatment, it is aimed to eliminate the problems of the teeth in the mouth and to bring the relationship between the lower jaw and the upper jaw with each other to the ideal position. Orthodontic treatment is both aesthetic and functional treatment.

Thanks to Orthodontics Treatment, the correction of curved teeth not only allows the digestive system to work healthily but also prevents the accumulation of food residues on the teeth that accelerates the formation of bacteria in the mouth. It is also used as a preventive treatment for tooth decay.

Orthodontics provides the correction of distorted tooth structure due to negative behaviors such as nail biting, finger sucking and mouth breathing. Today, it is possible to correct the curved teeth by means of metal braces, i.e. brackets.

In addition, if an aesthetic appearance is desired in the mouth during the treatment period, ceramic or plastic brackets can be used instead of metal.

How is Tooth Correction Treatment without Braces applied?

Nowadays, another Orthodontic Treatment Method is the correction of curved teeth using transparent plates. Transparent apparatuses are prepared with the help of computer by planning their ideal position. 8-15 plates are prepared by considering the treatment stages of the tooth during the treatment period. These plates are used in order to be changed in certain periods. In each new plate used, a new force is applied to the teeth, and the teeth are pushed into the required position.

Transparent plates that need to be worn for 22 hours a day should be removed while eating. Thanks to the transparent plates that are not fixed to the teeth, the person may interrupt his treatment for short periods of special days. However, if this condition is repeated frequently, treatment may fail or result in failure.



Because the number of dental surgeons and dental specialists is low in European Union countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and because every physician cannot perform these special treatments, dentists have to call a part-time physician to perform these treatment or they cannot do these treatments. As such, treatment prices in these countries are quite high.

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