What Is Bonding Treatment?

Bonding Treatment is a popular aesthetic dental treatment application that has no harm to the teeth and can be applied very quickly. This is a technique that success rate is high providing an aesthetic correction of fractures, intervals, shape and position disorders in the teeth.

The most important advantage is that it is an aesthetic application that does not cause abrasion on the teeth. The composite material bonded to the front surface of the tooth by bonding treatment is very well bonded to the tooth tissues and supports the tooth tissues and makes them resistant to fractures. It is a quick treatment that can be completed in a single session. Hot and cold sensitivity is very unlikely. The patient can eat comfortably after treatment.

What is Bleaching Treatment?

Today, whitening - bleaching process for teeth is applied in two ways as office and home type.

The office type should be applied completely under the supervision of the physician and in the clinic. It can be applied to one or several teeth at the same time, both lower and upper. On the bleaching agent coated to the tooth, the accelerator ray is applied. In 2 or 3 sessions, the desired whiteness can be reached.

Home type is a method applied by a physician by measuring the patient's teeth and preparing the plate according to this measure. Bleaching is provided by the patient placing this plaque on his / her teeth with bleaching agent at night. It may be recommended to repeat 2 or 3 nights.

The correct diagnosis and the correct use of the substance in the bleaching process are very important. Otherwise, the development of thinning and hypersensitivity in the tooth enamel, burning and withdrawal in the gums may occur. Proper use is only possible under the supervision of the physician.

The bleaching process does not cause any damage to the teeth. The whiteness gained after the treatment preserves for 1-1.5 years, even in people who consume with a high level of cigarette, tea and coffee. For those who do not have smoking and coffee habits, a lasting whiteness can be obtained for 3-4 years.


Because the number of dental surgeons and dental specialists is low in European Union countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and because every physician cannot perform these special treatments, dentists have to call a part-time physician to perform these treatment or they cannot do these treatments. As such, treatment prices in these countries are quite high.

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