What is All on Four Treatment?

All on Four Treatment is a 10-year-old technique with a proven scientific success of a full jaw prosthetic restoration is fixed on 4-6 implants with a surgical operation for the toothless patients and who will soon be toothless. It allows to perform a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure. With two or three implants placed in the front and back of the jaw, it provides an aesthetic appearance with fixed teeth to the person. All on Four Treatment allows a fixed prosthesis to be made to the patient avoiding certain anatomical constraints that impede the implantation of the jaw. 

How All on Four Treatment is done?

In All on Four Treatment, measures are taken from patients and temporary prostheses are prepared. If the patient has teeth to be extracted, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and implants are placed in the required areas. At the final stage, the temporary prostheses, which made by measuring the implants, are applied to the implants. It is expected that the living tissue accepts implants within 3-4 months. By this means, patients who have temporary teeth during the treatment do not remain toothless.
During the treatment, patients should use the medicines regularly and shouldn’t eat hot for a few days. Dental implant patients who are treated with All on Four Treatment should not eat hard foods under any circumstances during temporary prosthetic periods. Patients can start normal food consumption with permanent prostheses after 3 months.

What are the Advantages of All on Four Treatment?

It allows the patients to have implants and prostheses on the same day without further surgical techniques. Patients can come to our clinic in the morning with movable prostheses and return home with fixed prostheses in the evening of the same day. The operation is almost painless because there is no pressure on the wound.
• The treatment is completed in a very short time.
• It is much more economical in comparison with the traditional implant methods.
• The mouth does not lose its anatomical structure and the jaw is not damaged.
• It is one of the treatments with the highest cumulative success rate.

Because the number of dental surgeons and dental specialists is low in European Union countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and because every physician cannot perform these special treatments, dentists have to call a part-time physician to perform these treatment or they cannot do these treatments. As such, treatment prices in these countries are quite high.

These treatments applied by the specialists in our clinic are both quality and economic for our patients. Click here for detailed information.
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