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Because of the treatment costs, many patients postpone to solve their health problems or go for poor quality alternatives just because they're "cheap". As Dentaltermin we develop solutions which offer world-standards at economic prices and eliminate the barriers in your way to a healthy life. With treatment plans tailored for you, a healthier body thus a more joyous life awaits you in Dentaltermin…

About Dentaltermin

Health is the most important value we have in life. For this reason, decisions we make on health are rather critical. As Dentaltermin, we are doing our diligence to provide the best health services to our thousands of guests relying on us since 2004. With the healthy communication we establish with our guests, we fully understand their needs and requests; make tailor-made treatment plans We offer you, our valuable guests, a world-standard treatment which won't push hard on your budget.

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Patient Views


My friend had dental treatment in this clinic. It's a nice modern place, we liked it very much. You can even spend time visiting the clinic, like a museum. They were very nice to us.


I had a zirconium crowns on all of my front teeth at Dentaltermin. I was really satisfied with their service. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my treatment process.


I am very satisfied with my treatment. I would recommend it to anyone considering of going there ..

Our Clinic

Located in a central point in Istanbul, our clinic serves you, our valuable guests at world standards. With its' health care personnel expert on their field and employees who will be always with you during your treatment journey, you will live a distinctive treatment experience in our clinic in Istanbul.

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