Thanks to its' location, experience and opportunities in medicine, Turkey; has become one of the most important medical tourism centers of the world. In Turkey, you can both have a healthier life and discover this beautiful country.

Only A 2,5-Hour Trip

With only a 2,5-hour trip, it's possible to make it to Istanbul from many important countries of Europe, Asia and Middle East.







High Service Standards, Low Costs

The most important reason behind why those who choose Turkey for health are choosing here, is that Turkey is offering world-standard health services at affordable prices. The increasing service quality with the leaps made in the medical area in recent years, is making thousands of patients from Europe, Asia and Middle East to choose Turkey each year.

Expert Health Professionals

In Turkey, professionals in medicine start working after going through a solid education. Keeping on their educations also throughout their careers, Turkish health professionals are also making their names heard in medical world with the studies they conduct in recent years.

No Waiting

When it comes to health, one of the biggest values, long waiting lists is an important problem even in the most developed countries in health. Such problem does not exist in Turkey. You can have nearly all medical operations you need in Turkey without losing time.

Both Health and Fun!

With both its' cultural and natural beauties, Turkey; is a country drawing the interest of travelers. The sixth most visited country in the world and the fourth in Europe, Turkey is hosting an average of 50 million tourists every year. And thanks to its' well developed tourism infrastructure, those who choose Turkey for health, get the opportunity to turn their visits to a vacation.


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